Admissions Policy


Policy Statement

At Scamps Pre-School, we endeavour to make our setting accessible for all children and families from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and of different ages and gender. We aim to ensure that all families have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.



  • We ensure that the existence of our setting is advertised in places accessible to all sections of the community.

  • We ensure that information about our setting is accessible, in written form to all, and where necessary we will try to provide spoken form in more than one language, through signing or an interpreter.


  • At Scamps, we operate a first come, first served policy for admissions. However, in cases of high demand and/or simultaneous application for a place we will use the following admission criteria, applied in the following order of priority: looked after children, o A child known by the local authority to have special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND) and whose needs can be best met at the preferred nursery, a vulnerable child with either a Child Protection or a Child in Need Plan or Local Authority/Common Assessment Framework, chilren who have siblings who are already with us, children whose parents live in the area.

  • A child requiring a full-time place will have preference over one requiring a part-time place. This is dependent upon Pre-School commitments, occupancy and availability.

  • If all places are full, your child can be placed on a waiting list and spaces will be allocated in chronological order, taking into account our admissions criteria set above.

  • Scamps Pre-School is open for 38 weeks of the year.


  • Children from the age of 2 years will be admitted in accordance with our Ofsted Registration.

  • The numbers and ages of children admitted to the Pre-School comply with the legal space requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). When considering admissions we are mindful of staff: child ratios and the facilities available at the Pre-School.

  • We operate a ‘Promoting Equality of Opportunity’ policy and ensure that all children have access to childcare places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion or belief or sexual orientation of parents.  

  • We have a number of facilities and procedures in place to make our setting accessible to anyone with a disability.  

  • Prior to a child attending Scamps, parents must complete and sign our terms and conditions and a registration form. These forms provide us with personal details relating to the child. For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, collection arrangements, fees and sessions, contact details for parents, doctor’s contact details, health visitor contact details, allergies, parental consent etc.

  • We will keep a place vacant, if this is financially viable, to accommodate an emergency admission.

At Scamps Pre-School we provide free funded places available for children subject to availability. These places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and can be booked in advance of your child reaching their initial eligible start date. This is the beginning of term following your child’s second* or third birthday for two year old FE and universal three and four year old FE. For the Extended Entitlement for working parents, this is once you have received your validity code from the DWP.** If you cannot access all your child’s required free entitlement hours at our setting, you are able to split your child’s hours across two different childcare providers in one day. All funded sessions are in line with the flexible arrangement as specified by the Government. When you register your child for their funded place we will discuss your needs and, as far as possible with availability and staffing arrangements, we will try to accommodate your wishes. *two year olds must meet eligibility criteria. **families must meet eligibility criteria.


From the term after their 3rd birthday, all children can access the Early Years Free Entitlement (EYE) which is available 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. The 15 hours of free entitlement are offered to our families in a variety of flexible ways; a child could attend up to 5 morning sessions (9-12pm) or afternoon sessions (12-3pm), or attend 2 full day sessions (9-3pm) in addition to a morning or afternoon session. Breakfast and Lunch Club sessions can also be offered as part of the 15 hours of free entitlement.


Early Years Pupil Premium
From April 2015, we have been able to claim additional funding through the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).  The EYPP is available to help us to continue raising the quality of our provision and improve the education we provide for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.  We gather the appropriate information required from our families on a Parent Declaration form in order for the local authority to check the eligibility of each child in the Pre-School.  As a setting, we then decide on the most effective strategies to help raise the attainment of the current eligible children in our care before deciding how we will spend the additional funding.  We may use the funding to provide additional staff training and support within a specialised area such as speech and language, or to employ an Early Years Professional.  We may also use the funding to purchase resources which will enhance children’s attainment in lower achieving areas.


On confirmation of a place, parents/carers are required to pay a deposit of £15.00.  This deposit secures a child’s place at Scamps Pre-School and is deducted from the first invoice.

All sessions booked must be paid for, regardless of whether the child attends.  No refunds are given for sessions missed due to holidays or sickness.
Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each half term and full payment must be made by the end of the corresponding half term.  Beyond this we are flexible about payment arrangements and methods depending on each family’s preferences.  We are happy to accept cash, cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.  Parents/carers should advise the setting Manager of how they intend to pay their child’s fees.


Cheques must be made payable to:
Scamps Pre-School Ltd
Direct debit details:
Scamps Pre-School Ltd
HSBC Bank Plc
Account Number: 42106698
Sort Code: 40-47-25
(Please ensure that your child’s name is written as a reference number when setting up a direct debit or transfer).


If parents have any difficulty in paying fees, it is essential that we are informed at the earliest opportunity.  We are always happy to discuss the possibility of alternative arrangements with parents in genuine financial difficulties.

If fees have not been received by the beginning of the following half term, an informal written reminder that fees are outstanding will be given.  If, after a further 5 days, fees have still not been received, a formal written reminder will be issued and an additional charge of 10% of the outstanding amount will be added to the bill.
Should fees continue to be unpaid, we may, regrettably, be forced to offer the child’s place to another on our waiting list. We reserve the rights to ultimately refuse admissions if fees remain unpaid.  If the parent has contacted us already to make alternative arrangements, allowances can be made.