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"Ralph has had the most amazing year at Scamps! I'm so sad he has to leave and start school. Scamps have built up Ralph's confidence and have provided the most positive environment to make friends and learn new things. When I asked Ralph what he likes most about Scamps - "Erm, the question is too hard. I love everything. All my friends, there's lots to play with and all my teachers cuddle me!" (S. Dray)


"After having a negative experience at another Pre-School I was worried about Henry starting somewhere new. I needn't have wrried as we have had the most positive experience with Scamps. Henry is so happy, well looked after and LOVES coming to Pre-School. It is a place like no other. Henry will miss all the fantastic staff. Thank you all for making his time so wonderful. Words could never express how grateful we are for all that you do." (V. Bowen)


"Scamps Pre-School is a wonderful place where all children are cared for brilliantly. Every day there are new activities and staff that give 100% to every child. We only had 9 months with Scamps before my daughter started school. We wish it could have been longer. Thank you so much." (S. Monk)


"Scamps team is a group of fantastic people who bring out the best in little children with their dedication, hard work and above all their patience. Noah has always been excited going to Scamps to meet and play with his increasing number of friends. He comes home with his art work to show me and his siblings. I also get a regular update on Noah's progress and development. For all these, thank you Scamps for making Noah's first taste of "school" unforgettable and enjoyable." (J. Rivera)


"Tyler has loved his time at Scamps. He has learnt so much. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. I feel my children are 100% safe at Scamps and the staff take the time to get to know each child and their personalities." (C. Towner)


"Our sons have both loved Scamps. The staff feel more like extended family! My sons were happy, safe and very well cared for. I would recommend Scamps to anyone. Best Pre-School ever!" (C. Smithies)


"When it comes to choosing your child's pre-school, there are so many things to consider from their educational program to their safe play and security. Scamps Pre-School is a phenomenon to me as they provide a 5* service across every consideration. 5 of my children have passed successfully through this great institution including twins and a child with a disability. At no point have I ever had any complaint about anything which in todays educational system astounds me. I trust the Scamps family with my precious children and never fail to achieve their goals. Thank you Scamps!" (D. Laker)


"The team are absolutely fantastic. They encourage lots of play based learning, creativity, independence and social skills and keep you fully informed about your child's development. There's lots of outdoor play in their lovely new garden and the option to attend lunch club. We'll miss the lovely supportive atmosphere of Scamps and would recommend it to anyone!" (K & C Gledhill)


"Scamps is a fantastic Pre-School; most of my children including my twins have been and really enjoyed their time there. The staff are warm, friendly, and approachable and willing to accommodate for all your child's needs. The staff are always rotating and changing activities and always open to new ideas to keep your child's experience fresh and exciting. I would highly recommend Scamps to anyone." (G. Laker)


"Scamps feels like an extended part of the family. The staff are fantastic! My 1st son loved Scamps, so when I had my 2nd son, I didn't hesitate to enrol him into Scamps. Both my sons love it." (C. Smithies)


"Fantastic playschool great team of staff to look after your little ones lovely activities for children planned out to help them learn and grow using imagination and creativity really nice setting and garden area" *****


"Lovely pre school staff are great very friendly and welcoming" *****


"6 of our 7 have been through scamps, they are absolutely brilliant. It would be a pleasure to see our grandchildren there too. Highly recommend to anyone." *****


"Grace's experience at Scamps Pre-School has been an amazing one. All the staff are so friendly, easily approachable if you have any worries or issues and always happy to help. The staff have helped Grace with her special needs and adapted everything possible to mke Grace's learning fun and to help her reach her full potential. Couldn't be happier with how well run the Pre-School is, and would recommend the school to anyone." (K. Clark)


"Can't ask for more from these lovely people, I have had 6 of my 7 go through this preschool 3 of which still there, highly recommend them." *****


"Lovely pre school the staff are fantastic and friendly my son and now my daughter goes here would recommend it to anyone." *****


"such an amazing pre school, all staff are friendly, lovely and helpful.All 3 of my children have attended this pre school and they have all enjoyed there time at Scamps, felt safe and learnt alot. Couldnt ask for a better pre school." *****


"This is a fantastic pre school, I have had 5 children go through scamps and have all enjoyed their time there. Scamps has the warmest and friendliest staff and are willing to accommodate and adapt for any needs your child may have. I would highly recommend scamps to anyone." *****


"I've had 5 children go here and 2 r still there the staff r fantastic I would recommend this pre school to anyone" *****


"I have three there atm, and had three others go there, fantastic people." *****


"Absolutely fantastic nursery, staff are brilliant and my son loves it here :)" *****